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BrandCool focus on quality instead of quantity. We have seen that often marketplaces are filled with thousands and millions of domains and lost their visibility from the buyers. To keep the quality for the buyers and high conversion ratio for the sellers, BrandCool have a strict filtering process for your domain listing. This is a win-win situation for the buyers, BrandCool, and sellers to focus profitable platform, high quality domains and quick turnaround time.

This doesn’t mean that the domains which are rejected lose their visibility. They are still with us and we will give an option to buyers to pick a name out of them if they want to look for more names. This actually helps sellers to sell domains even without listing them. However, we doesn’t guarantee for the success of such domains.

Frequently asked questions

Agreement terms for sellers

  • Domain names that I list on BrandCool cannot be listed for sale anywhere else at the same time. The domain names published at BrandCool will be exclusively for sale at BrandCool only.
  • I will point all domains to BrandCool that are approved for sale.
  • I understand that my domains will get exposers for many buyers and there are chances that they will contact me directly. I will redirect all such buyers to BrandCool to handle the sales process.
  • I agree to provide a 30 days notice to BrandCool to unlist my domains.
  • I agree not to violate any terms and conditions of BrandCool and I understand that I can be banned as a seller

Please list up to 10 of your best domains that you want to list on BrandCool. Please note that we prefer dot com domains. If you want us to review more than 10 domains then list the best 10 domains here and share the list of remaining domains at

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Your personal information will only be used in order to process your application, and if approved, to allow you to sell domain names on BrandCool. See our privacy policy for details.