Why BrandCool?

Finding a perfect domain name for a business is not so easy as it seems. The domain name is not just a website link but a reflection of your brand that is a primary face of your business and an address for your customers.

BrandCool, It's part of Vedam, Virtuos Company.
We are creating a brand presence for our customers from start to finish, regardless of whether you are a start-up, a nonprofit or a product. Businesses are now only as strong as their brands perceived in the eyes of their customers. People fall in love with brands, trust them and experience a whole new life with them. Brands have become the global currency of success. At BrandCool, we offer stunning choices for your branding needs.

At BrandCool, we take care of both buyers as well as sellers. We are not just the domain broker but more than that. We are brand consultants, with a team of experts including domain experts, design experts, and even developers to help you for all of your brandings needs starting from finding a perfect brand name.

For Sellers:

Quick Approval

BrandCool understands the importance of time. Time is a commodity for sellers. Our approval and listing period is almost half than our competitors. And, we all know, the one who is ahead of time always wins.

Low commission

Commission is a key factor for sellers. We are not only quick to list your domains but also offer you a better price for your domains. Low commission means more profit to you. Our maximum commission is 25% and it even goes down to 15% for high price domains.

No Listing fee

We are not a platform to charge to list your domains. We are business partners, you provide the domains and we offer the platform. This is a win-win situation for sellers as the initial investment is ours. Happy selling.

For more information about listing your domains Visit FAQs for sellers

For more information on the seller registration, visit Seller registration

For Buyers:

Brandable Names

We offer the best brandable names that perfectly suits your business.
Our brandable names are
Coined words

Brand expertise

We are not only domain selling platform but also helps the buyers for all of their branding needs including
Brand Identity & Brand Strategy
Brand Architecture
CX and Digital Strategy
Website development
Design solutions

No Hidden Charges

We make relationships not just customers. We help our customers during their journey to become a successful brand. The relationship assures for no hidden charges during any transaction. We keep the transparency with our customers during the complete process.

For more information visit FAQ for buyers

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