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Creative and differentiated brand identity amplifying differentiation

At BrandCool our approach to brand identity takes disparate elements and unifies them into whole systems by integrating with domain idea, concept, and design. Design plays an essential role in creating and building brands. Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles – emotion, context and essence - that matter most to consumers.

BrandCool combines Brands, Domain and Design
Brand Vision
Brand Vision Vision lock and Alignment

Brand strategy builds on a vision, is aligned with business strategy, emerges from a company's values and culture, and reflects customers' perceptions.

Brand Stakeholders
Brand Stakeholders Brand strategy that must resonate

Brand strategy needs to resonate with all the stakeholders — customers, employees, partners, the media, the board, the investors and core suppliers.

Brand Width
Brand Width Across web and digital spheres

Today brands are global, and digital business enabled. BrandCool strategists ensure that your brand remains unique in the W3 of crowded competition.

Customer Experience and Digital Strategy

The brand power is in the hands of customers as they are always less satisfied, more complaining, and less loyal.

Brand Primer

Our branding teams will discuss your requirements and assess the branding needs in the context of your current and future business.

Brand Audit

Our brand audit surveys helps you gauge the brand index and how your brand is performing across channels and geographies.

Brand Journey

Our brand architects will design the ideal brand journey maps to harness the brand power in the hands of your valuable customers.

Brand Design Thinking

As your customers touch, feel, sense, hear your brand in the physical and digital channels, you have to be mindful of generation gap.

Brand Voice

Through curated means of reaching your target audience, BrandCool helps you under the pulse of your customers and how they are reacting.

Brand Campaign

Brand promotion is often ignored when people start promoting their products and services. A brand should always standout when campaign goes out.

Don't take brand shortcuts.


Brand Architecture refers to the hierarchy of brands within a single company.

Monolithic brand architecture
Monolithic brand architecture
Endorsed Brand architecture
Endorsed Brand architecture
Pluralistic brand architecture
Pluralistic brand architecture
01 Meaningful

It communicates something about the essence of the brand. It supports the image that the company wants to convey. BrandCool offers brand names that are meaningful and often they are dictionary words.

02 Distinctive

It is unique, as well as easy to remember, pronounce, and spell. They are good to hear as well. It is differentiated from the competition. Easy to share on social networks. Most often they come with social IDs.

03 Future-Oriented

It positions the company for growth, change and success. It has sustainability and preserves possibilities. It has long legs. They are creatively curated from different languages like Latin, French, Italian, etc.

04 Coined Words

When you run out of brandable domains that can have dotcom domain without breaking your bank, you depend on coined words. We bring unique strengths in ideating brand names that are purposeful to your business.

The characteristic of a brand lies in the domain power.

Brand Tagline

A tagline is a short phrase often copyrighted or trademarked. They need to be domained as well.

Brand Domains

Your brand needs a domain for unique identification and that’s how you communicate using email.