About BrandCool
A Brand is forever.

About BrandCool

We are creating brand presence
BrandCool, It's part of Vedam, Virtuos Company.

We are creating brand presence for our customers from start to finish, regardless of whether you are a start-up, a nonprofit or a product.

Businesses are now only as strong as their brands perceived in the eyes of their customers. People fall in love with brands, trust them and experience whole new life with them. Brands have become the global currency of success. At BrandCool, we offer stunning choices for your branding needs.

Our Services
Brand Naming

In the fourth industrial age, unique brand and domain are equally important for great naming.

Brand Identity

It’s a tangible and appealing to the senses. You can see it, touch it, feel it and heart it.

Brand Strategy

A central, unifying idea around which all behaviour, actions and communications are aligned.

06 NOV' 2018 BrandCool
Beta launch

On the auspicious day, we are launching Brandcool.com beta site for internal use. We will be updating the UX, content and ecommerce functionalities over the next one to two weeks.

16 NOV' 2018 BrandCool
Limited Launch

Brandcool.com will be releasing limited version of its website for public offering more than 200 most coveted brand names, and bouquet of branding services with Brandien advisory.

14 DEC' 2018 BrandCool

BrandCool Marketplace will be launched for signing up thousands of resellers across the world. BrandCool will feature more than 20,000 brands suitable for more than ten industries.

We are hiring branding and design talent

Join us to see the world through the customer’s eyes and create a name for yourself.

We are looking for Web Designers, Graphic & Creative Artists and Content Developers. Please write to info@brandcool.com

Our approach

We combine our Digital Design and Branding capabilities to create powerful brands that are clearly differentiated to deflect the competition.

Our Mission

We are a company with explicit mission to change the world by creating differentiated and powerful brand strategies for our customers.

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Selected Brands
for your business
  • Creatively curated brand names for your business
  • Most authentic and meaningful brand names for business
  • Creative and innovative brand naming concepts for start-ups
  • Powerful brand presence strategies to deflect competition
  • Superior web presence to differentiate in the crowded world
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Selected Brands for your Business

The brand leadership and digital design capabilities clearly make BrandCool a superior branding consultancy.

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Venky Vijay Reddi CEO
Shaloo Reddi
Shaloo Reddi Vice President
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Kristina Hermanns Director