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We're marketers on a mission

To make business more human.
By “human,” we mean conscious. Agile. Responsible.
And of course, profitable.
Because when business has heart, we all profit.
Chalk one up for the good guys.

Energy Is Human - ebook


Find out how human insights can help you create more impactful energy marketing with Brand Cool’s exclusive ebook, Energy is Human.

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The Marriage of Energy and Media: Why Putting Media First Will Create Lasting Change
Jun 16th, 2015

As marketers and social scientists, our job is to make energy relatable and human. Brand Cool and Butler/Till join forces to bring more urgent public attention to energy efficiency.
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The second best time is now.
Feb 26th, 2015

There is a Chinese proverb that says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20...
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Top 3 Energy Trends Marketers Should Prepare For in 2015
Feb 19th, 2015

At Brand Cool we don’t use a crystal ball to predict the future. But we certainly...
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#MakeItHappy Part II
Feb 10th, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX has already come and gone, but its emotional impact is still being felt,...
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#MakeItHappy: Part 1
Jan 30th, 2015

The typical formula for the modern super Super Bowl commercial is often a combination of humor,...
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New year, new start on old habits?
Jan 23rd, 2015

I didn’t go looking for a resolution to start 2015 with disappointment and mild self-loathing. It...
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