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Energy Is Social - ebook


Can the human need for socialization be the key to widespread adoption of energy efficiency? Our new e-book, Energy is Social, explores why social instincts, tendencies, and channels are critical to scaling up sustainability.

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Culture is Critical
Apr 7th, 2017

Culture is as important as behavior when trying to influence customers' energy habits.
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Driving Change through Collective Impact
Apr 7th, 2017

How more companies and organizations are embracing the concept of "collective impact" to effect social and environmental change.
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Nobody Cares About Our Programs
Nov 30th, 2016

I am a recovering energy efficiency program manager. It is important that I lead with this statement because today I am going to share a secret that an industry full of energy efficiency program managers, designers, and implementers continue to ignore. And that is, nobody cares about our programs...
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Finding and Engaging the Energy Manager
Nov 30th, 2016

As you work to define new energy programs or call on clients who are enrolled in existing programs, it's worth asking: Who is the energy manager in the target buildings? Knowing the answer can speed program engagement and ultimately produce more effective projects...
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The Power of Persona
Oct 18th, 2016

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Eight Tips for Engaging 80 Million Millennials
Jul 13th, 2016

As the most connected segment of the population, millennials (those born from 1981 to 2000) are...
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