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Energy Efficiency Campaign


Create differentiation in a low-engagement category.

Residential energy efficiency programs have traditionally focused on financial savings, rebates and APRs, neglecting to account for more complex fears and motivations involved in initial consideration. This collective carrot-and-stick approach has led to a numbers-driven “sea of sameness” where no single brand truly stands out.


Linking energy efficiency to homeowner identity.

Through primary and secondary research, we uncovered a strong strategic backbone: energy efficiency upgrades are more than just a money-saving home improvement; they’re an expression of identity. South Jersey Gas’s energy efficiency loan not only connects consumers with the home they want to have, it helps them realize how they wish to express themselves.


Turning sensible home improvements into a movement.

Knowing that energy efficiency upgrades could be leveraged as a vehicle for personal expression, we came up with a category-disrupting creative platform that framed them as part of a larger movement sweeping across South Jersey. This dynamic approach put a lighthearted, compelling spin on recognizable social activism messaging while breaking through the clutter of an offer-saturated category.

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