Carbon Reduction Toolkit


Transform corporate sustainability from a daily chore into a meaningful challenge.

In 2013, Sodexo, a multinational food and facilities management company, developed a program to engage site managers at various public institutions to help them reduce carbon usage. However, managers had difficulty engaging with the program for two reasons: the program did not clearly define actionable tasks, and it was not tailored to specific industries. As a result, managers saw the initiative as a confusing, time-consuming item on their already daunting daily “to-do” lists.


Create a centralized toolkit to help site managers establish their own goals, processes and objectives.

Sodexo had the basic elements of a good energy reduction program, but lacked an effective way to share them with its 9,000 site managers based in North America. Their existing materials were inconsistently distributed and funded, and lacked any oversight or accountability. To solve the problem, Brand Cool created a custom digital engagement tool housed on Sodexo’s corporate intranet that could help site managers customize their own action plans regardless of industry, while competing against others to be the highest-performing site.


Empower managers with an easy-to-use, customizable and measurable action plan for departments and individual employees.

The online toolkit allows site managers to navigate an intuitive user interface, accessing communications resources, developing task lists, delegating to-dos and tracking their progress at every step. The tool also contains success stories to show them how other site managers successfully completed the program.

  • Each task comes with a downloadable resource to help managers complete it, including process checklists, client and consumer engagement materials, and more.
  • Each task also includes estimated energy savings and level of involvement, helping managers estimate their energy savings and prioritize short- and long-term tasks.
  • As managers complete tasks, the toolkit tracks their progress against program requirements allowing managers to see items that are complete and items still outstanding.
  • In addition, managers can track individual employee activity in the toolkit through a custom analytics dashboard.


500+ Sodexo site managers engaged with tool since launch

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