ENERGY STAR Products Program

Products and Appliances Program


Make energy efficiency a key consideration in the appliance purchase decision.

As part of the effort to accelerate the market for and adoption of energy-efficient appliances, Brand Cool was tasked to teach consumers the value of selecting the most energy-efficient appliance, and ultimately make it a consideration at the point-of purchase.


Figure out what energy efficiency means—and doesn’t mean—to consumers.

Brand Cool conducted a primary research study across New York State, which revealed an interesting duality: consumers said they valued energy efficiency, but failed to associate it with cost savings. Using this insight, we aimed to create a campaign that could simply and easily build the cost of operation into their consideration set. The study also yielded an insight that would spark our creative approach: while consumers may not have an emotional connection with energy efficiency, they love to talk about and show off new appliances.


Leverage consumers’ love of new appliances to start a conversation about the true cost of ownership.

Knowing how much consumers love their appliances, we created an attention-grabbing point-of-purchase (POP) campaign that put “speech bubble” stickers on energy-efficient appliances, carrying a simple message: an energy-efficient appliance loves you back. By framing the conversation in a more human, entertaining way, we were able to pique consumers’ interest in the true cost of ownership.

After the stickers captured consumer interest, additional POP materials told consumers how to read the Energy Guide label to compare the true operating costs of appliances. In addition, a mobile-optimized microsite provided an Energy Savings Calculator to ease the comparison process and offered guidance on when it’s time to replace old appliances.


17% sales increase in stores that featured POP over stores that didn’t

35 million campaign impressions

315+ participating retailers in New York State

<50% bounce rate for mobile site (industry average is 70-90%)

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