Energy Efficiency Multifamily Program

The Work

Multifamily energy upgrades are a complex sell that requires a multifaceted marketing approach. This end-to-end brand platform took on the challenge in a number of ways: by deeply researching our audiences, segmenting them based on their values, and creating custom-tailored messaging and tactics to nurture relationships with them; by engaging contractors and arming them with the program, technical, and marketing expertise to implement energy upgrade projects and boost their own businesses; and by holding live events that put key players in the same building to engage in deep, meaningful conversations that lead to conversion. We packaged all of these strategies into one cohesive and aspirational creative platform, leading to a 300% increase in qualified leads since launch.

The Results

300% increase in qualified leads since campaign launch

Up to 50% conversion from events

Doubled market share

Over 2.6 million impressions through advertising, events, and PR outreach