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Engagement is what we do

We help corporate brands and public sector organizations uncover the most resonant truths about themselves and the people they need to reach, craft those insights into actionable blueprints and build strong consumer relationships—the kind that fuel success in the long term. Our suite of services is both broad and deep, designed to meet the needs of a client base ranging from public energy efficiency advocates to Fortune 500 corporations.


Finding the truth about your brand that will most move people is a first step that we take very seriously. We always begin with a defined process for gaining in-depth insight from your key stakeholders, assessing the state of your current (and potential) marketplaces, and plumbing the depths of what your prospective customers need. We choose and scale our methods—from classic personal interviews to full-bore segmentation studies and brand equity assessments—to fit your brand’s needs.


A strategy is essentially a plan to win. And when you have one, especially a good one, your odds for success go up. At Brand Cool, our job is to provide clients with rock-solid strategic thinking. Strategy permeates everything we do, and it’s also a series of formal processes that set the stage for powerful brand engagement.

Foundational Brand Development

We’ll help you shape your brand so it resonates authentically—and powerfully—with the audiences that matter. Exactly how we do it will hinge on your unique situation, but our formal tool kit includes these elements:

Brand Architecture

When companies and brands go through a structural change, tricky questions pop up. We can help identify an optimal brand hierarchy, product/service brand groups, naming conventions, and establish a clear path forward for future identity and naming decisions.


Based on your most compelling and “ownable” benefits, we collaborate with you to determine and document where the brand should ideally live in the prospect’s mind.


The most important things you want people to internalize about your brand, crafted in a variety of messaging formats depending on the audience and the medium—from signature copy to talking points, from high level to detailed.

Creative platform

A foundational expression of your brand essence—the headlines, the taglines, the images, the overall look and feel—which serves as a guide for future creative marketing.


A name has to convey the right personality the first time—and the 12 millionth time. Our naming services include brand name development, nomenclature, trademark search, URL validation and acquisition.

Brand Identity

We craft logos, typography, colors, graphic and language guidelines for maximum appeal to your customers and prospects.

Marketing Strategy

Go to market with a clear understanding of your audience, your competition and the strongest, most engaging approach you can take to succeed immediately and in the long term.

Creative Strategy

You have a sweet spot. It’s the intersection between the exceptional value you offer, what the competition doesn’t do well and what the market really wants. We’ll help you understand your sweet spot and craft an approach to creative that spurs action and tracks straight to your bottom line.

PR Strategy

We identify key players and influencers in your brand ecosystem, clarify what’s important to them, then help you step forward and lead the conversation.

Content Strategy

We help clients plan, develop and manage informational content, focusing closely on how that content will be consumed, redistributed and repurposed many times over.

Channel Enablement Strategy

Make sure the partners who distribute and deliver your brand provide experiences that position you—and them—for success in the marketplace. That way, everyone wins.

Sustainability Brand Integration

Our Sustainability Brand Integration service is designed to help corporate organizations translate good citizenship into greater influence, stronger consumer loyalty and more assertive thought leadership. Learn more about Sustainability Brand Integration.

Brand Transition Management

We help brands navigate change by developing architecture, positioning and other strategic tools that prevent confusion and inefficiency while preserving hard-won brand equity. The goal is seamlessness—and long-term brand success. Learn more about our Brand Transition Management services.


You’ve gathered a trove of insights into your target markets, established a strong brand position and crafted a strategy to make brilliant use of everything you know. Now it’s time for engagement to begin. There is no one-size-fits all formula for this phase of our work together. But there are many excellent tools we use to get it started, deepen it, and make it as valuable as possible.


Integrated Marketing

Our conference room is “elbow-to-elbow” several times a week, packed with cross-disciplinary teams solving tough marketing problems for our clients. Our goal: Find the strongest, most cost-effective answer, whatever it is.

Brand Touchpoint Management

Deliver your brand promise through memorable interactions, however and whenever those moments take place. The objective is to add clear value every time your customers touch your brand, which goes a long way toward building loyalty and advocacy.

Awareness Building

The world is noisy and getting noisier. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective, high-impact ways to reach your audience and inspire them to take interest.

Education Programs

If people don’t understand what your brand does, they’ll be a lot less likely to buy. We’ll design an education program that puts your customers first and positions your brand as a trusted resource.

Lead Generation & Nurturing

We’ll build out messaging, creative work and technical infrastructure that works systematically to keep your sales funnel well fed (and highly effective).

Influencer Relations

These days, just about anyone can help or harm your brand in a few keystrokes. We’ll help you identify the influencers your audience trusts the most and turn them into vocal advocates for your brand.

Champion Programs

One of your greatest marketing assets might be hiding in plain sight: Your happiest customers. We’ll help you give these important people cause and the ability to share their enthusiasm—and drive more business to your door.

Cause-Based Marketing

Brands that stand for something stand out. We’ll identify causes and organizations that resonate with your audience and help you incorporate social impact into your brand’s storyline.

Development & Fundraising Support

We help not-for-profit brands earn a bigger slice of the “giving” pie and turn potential donors into long-term supporters.


If it’s a smart, strategic tactic well worth the investment, then we can do it. Our activation programs typically consist of some combination of these elements:


Broadcast, print, outdoor, digital, paid search, mobile, non-traditional, guerilla, anything and everthing else

Web Development

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO & SEM)

Email Campaigns

Social media


Content Marketing

Cooperative Advertising Program Design




Trade Show Presence


It used to be that you launched a campaign, let it work its course, then measured results after all was said and done. Not anymore. We use evaluation as both a living tool that helps us deliver the most impactful work in real time and a resource to track our overall success at the brand level.

Website & Landing Page Analytics

Our analytics team tracks user interactions with digital media, revealing the effectiveness of engagement and providing a path forward for iteration and optimization.

Search Marketing Analytics

Search is a big deal, and it’s not going anywhere. We use data to improve our SEM and SEO efforts in real time and achieve the desired result: presenting your message to the right people at the right time.

Conversion Measurement

As people make the journey from unawareness to becoming a champion of your brand, we track their progress and derive actionable insights from what we learn.