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Sarah Gibson

“I’m a big fan of the truth. When we’re honest with our clients, our team and ourselves, we can cut right to the heart of the problems we’re asked to solve. Because we’ll know what we know—and what we don’t.”

Sarah Gibson - VP, Client Services
Sarah Gibson
VP, Client Services
Sarah [dot] Gibson [at] brandcool [dot] com

The straight-shooting force behind our account team, Sarah keeps us honest, on-budget and on-strategy as we develop insights and get work done for our clients. For her, a typical day might involve a deep dive into a client’s business challenges, interfacing with a creative team, putting the finishing touches on a marketing plan and shooting finalized work off for approval. Sarah brings a background working for large agencies in Rochester and New York City, serving clients including Qatar Airways, The Fitzpatrick Hotel Group and MasterCard.

Sarah may shoot straight, but she skates in circles as Susan B. Agony of the Roc City Roller Derby. To the uninitiated, Sarah would say roller derby is a highly evolved sport that rewards teamwork and endurance over brute force and flash. For her, it’s another way to exercise her love of strategic thinking and collaboration (while getting a ridiculous workout). When the skates come off, Sarah is a wife and mama, a voracious reader and an all-around media omnivore.