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Lissa Mathis

“This career chose me, really. It’s who I am. I’m not a good runner. I am okay at math, and terrible at chemistry and physics. But give me a brush, canvas and some paint, and it’s game on.”

Lissa Mathis - Senior Art Director
Lissa Mathis
Senior Art Director
Lissa [dot] Mathis [at] brandcool [dot] com

Lissa brings inventive visual ideas and a pragmatic problem-solving mindset to her work concepting and designing creative work for Brand Cool’s clients. An accomplished art director and illustrator, Lissa has more than 13 years of experience creating visual identities, advertising of all kinds, custom illustrations and interactive digital experiences in the advertising industry. 

Visual creativity is much more than the cornerstone of Lissa’s career. It’s a passion that runs through every facet of her life. From taking care of her colorful gardens to doing crafts with her young sons to touring various art galleries to late-night Pinterest sessions, Lissa finds countless ways to infuse her days with art and bring fresh inspiration with her to work every day.