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Kara Roth

“I promise our clients the truth—and that we will do everything in our power to help them reach a new level of connection and engagement with the audiences that matter to them. Doing this is a process, and it’s not easy. My goal is to make the experience valuable and enjoyable.”

Kara Roth - Director of Engagement
Kara Roth
Director of Engagement
Kara [dot] Roth [at] brandcool [dot] com

Kara sparks and develops Brand Cool’s client relationships, seeking out opportunities that align with our skill set and values—then ensuring that we deliver positive experiences and meaningful results. Kara’s journey began as an art director, then she was quickly promoted to creative director and agency managing partner positions before reframing her career to focus on her greatest passion: creating business growth.

In a relatively short time, Kara has amassed a rich collection of certifications and defining experiences—including credentials in leadership coaching, co-creating a presentation skills training program, lecturing at several area colleges including Syracuse University and working for renowned brands like Wegmans, Black & Decker and Benjamin Moore.

Some of us are late bloomers who need time to uncover their path in life. Kara is not one of those people. Her love of creativity and enterprising spirit became obvious in the second grade, when she went door-to-door selling completed pages from her coloring book.

Her assertiveness, positivity, can-do spirit continued to serve Kara well as she completed her studies in Communication Design at Syracuse University and launched herself into Manhattan’s teeming graphic design scene. These days, Kara’s prime artistic outlets are her garden, her kitchen and the life she creates for her two young children.