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Jon Itkin

“I have a wonderful time with words. They’re great. But what I really love are ideas—the notion that we can use our skills to introduce new ways of thinking and ultimately change the world for the better.”

Jon Itkin - Director of Account Planning
Jon Itkin
Director of Account Planning
Jon [dot] Itkin [at] brandcool [dot] com

Jon helps put concepts, words and strategic ideas together into cohesive, effective brand engagement for Brand Cool’s clients. A committed digital-phile, Jon is continually absorbed by the new and interesting ways content and storytelling can serve as building blocks for great brands. Jon spun a journalism education into work as an agency creative, picking up experience doing strategic and creative work for a grab-bag of clients including SUNY Purchase, Allendale Columbia School and the Government of Bermuda.

Jon has a shadow career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, a craft that has influenced his daytime profession in many ways. Writing and performing his own music taught Jon the power of concise, economic storytelling and the art of commanding an audience. He learned to see words as sounds—and the enduring value of leaving people wanting more. As a copywriter and idea generator, these skills come in handy every day. When the guitar goes in its case, Jon is a husband, father of a young daughter and an avid scratch cook.