Sue Kochan

If I’ve learned anything in this lifetime, it’s that the world is entirely interdependent. Good leads to good, and anything that benefits our clients benefits us. There is no separation.

Sue is the founder of Brand Cool. She is our guiding force, providing direction and inspiration as we take on the complex challenge of helping our clients become beloved brands. Sue leads by connecting people—clients and team members alike—with opportunities to grow, achieve and ultimately thrive. It’s a pure focus, rooted in her character and her deeply held dedication to doing good in the world.

A 20-plus year marketing veteran, Sue’s career as a branding consultant and agency executive included engagements with a broad list of clients, such as NASA, Fisher-Price, HUD and many others—from small startups to Fortune 500 giants. In addition to running Brand Cool, she finds time to speak at local and national conferences on branding, marketing and corporate social responsibility, serve on advisory boards and committees for local not-for-profits, and lead branding workshops for entrepreneurs.

Sue’s career has advanced along with her rich extracurricular life as a student and teacher of Buddhist philosophy and meditation. After years of study (and at her mentor’s insistence), she became ordained as a Buddhist teacher and leads a local study group. Her interest has led her to many formative experiences, including touring India in a group led by Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi, absorbing the visionary leader’s legacy of nonviolence.

Sue’s meditation practice is a source of invaluable perspective as she navigates the fast-paced, frenetic world of business. It’s essential to her belief that free enterprise can be a force for positive transformation in the world, the most basic principle behind the work Brand Cool does every day.