Holly Barrett

Holly Barrett

VP, Strategy and Insight

Laughter is synonymous with connection and shared experiences. It can make the difference between a good campaign and a great one, not to mention a good day and a great day.

Holly helps Brand Cool’s clients tell the right story through the right channels to drive action in the marketplace and build brand loyalty. It’s a skill she’s honed over two decades in marketing and public relations, developing and executing campaigns for a long list of Fortune 500 clients including Welch Allyn, Xerox, Mobil, Motorola and Nextel.

Holly infuses her work with a youthful spirit, relentless good cheer and bright-eyed intellectual curiosity. But a tenacious work ethic runs alongside her deep love of fun. She is a research powerhouse and a nimble strategic thinker able to sort through vast amounts of information and find game-changing insights. A tireless media pitcher, Holly has successfully placed stories on networks and in publications including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Forbes and many more.

For Holly, before there were media events, content strategy meetings and facebook timelines, there was music. She grew up fascinated by music and earned her degree in audio engineering, entranced by artists like Talking Heads, Bob Marley and the Violent Femmes—and the idea of assembling different tracks into a cohesive whole. It’s a skill she still uses, only now she mixes storylines and media strategies for audiences of influencers and target prospects instead of music fans.

Beyond music, Holly’s list of loves includes her husband and three sons, Wise potato chips, vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard and adding to her voluminous collection of puns and silly jokes (to be shared in meetings, in the hallway, by the water cooler, at work events…the list goes on).