Amanda DeVito


Vice President of Engagement 

If you love what you do, isn’t the work-life balance just life?

Amanda’s brain didn’t really come with an off switch. Nor did her energy or passion. Which is perfect for her role at Brand Cool: to drive strategic thinking, creative solutions and innovation across the agency and our clients.  She also fosters and grows our agency culture – a wildly important factor in regards to talent acquisition and retention.

Amanda has a knack for skipping the small talk, and getting right to the stuff that matters: how are your kids, how was your husband’s triathlon, what are you reading right now, and so on. In other words, she engages completely. Over her 15+ year career, she’s led traditional, social, and digital work for clients like Abbott Laboratories, Heinen’s Grocery, Winn-Dixie, SentrySafe, Rent-A-Center, and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield—and her complete investment in the lives of clients and colleagues is how she’s managed to make everything she touches better.

When she’s not working with us, you can find her working on her golf game (she’s the proud owner of a hole-in-one), carving up the slopes on her snowboard, jumping off fifty-foot platforms into airbags, or doing her favorite activity: spending time with her family.